- Fizzy Thoughts: We've got lucky punks (aka winners)

We've got lucky punks (aka winners)

Friday, July 18, 2008

I’m sitting here with my favorite morning pal, Mr. Soy Green Tea Latte. We’re getting ready to choose our lucky punks. The names have all been tossed into the candy bucket, and we’re ready to rock ‘n roll. Well, Mr. Latte is. I’m still a little sleepy.

First, let’s review (sorry, I guess you can never completely get away from the inner teacher). I’m going to pick four names. I changed my mind, let's make it five. The first lucky punk will have her choice of five books. So please post and tell us which one you want, so the second lucky punk can then make her choice from what’s left. After she has choosen, #3 makes her selection, ditto for #4, and then the least lucky punk is stuck with what is left. Don’t forget to leave a comment (in order, if that makes sense…although I know it will, because you all are smarter than the average bear) telling us what your choice is! Here are the book choices:

(a last minute addition, which I am currently reading, so you'll have to wait a little longer for this one)

And ta-da! Here are the five names that leaped out of the candy bucket (so much energy for this early in the morning…it’s disgusting, really).






Jessica and Dar, don’t forget to email me your address at fizzybeverage at gmail dot com. Bethany (and you too, Julie), since you seem to win every other time, I already have yours, and Kate, well, I’m sure you can figure out how yours will arrive.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to the rest of you punks for playing!

12 comment(s):

bethany said...

oh, yay, oh yay!

I can't wait to see what I get!!

oh happy day!

bkclubcare said...

bummer. I didn't win. (sticking my lower lip out.)

Dar said...

Hey, me too Behtany. Yipeeeeeeee. What a way to start off Friday. I'll have to see what Jessica picks. Well this more than ever makes me want to have my first giveaway too-spread the love right. I'm not sure I have enough readers though but more luck to those of you who do check out my blog. lol. Thank you again for hosting this and your great posts. I'm glad I ran into your blog from Bethany's.

beastmomma said...

Hopefully, I will have better luck next time. Also, I wanted to point out to you that I have a google/blogger identity, but my blog is at squarespace. I started reading your blog regularly after I found the review of I'jaam. Please know that I am a regular reader and not just here for the contests. I did not want to be one of the people who gets kicked out for being a contest junkie.

Julie P. said...

Lucky for me that you decided to pick 5!! :)

Jessica said...

Yay! I am so excited to win a new book - I think I'll pick Queen of the Road. I liked your review (and the copious use of parentheses too) and I keep hearing a lot of good things about it from friends and other bloggers too.

Thanks so much for hosting and sharing your books! I'll send you an email with my address.

Dar said...

I forgot to say which books I wanted earlier. I'd love Pomegranate Soup and Rosewater and Soda Bread. I emailed my address to you earlier today. Thanks again!

softdrink said...

Sorry, Care. I think you might need to disable Bethany and Julie's computers if you want a fair chance. They always seem to win!

Hey beastmomma! I wouldn't kick you out! I definitely know who you are, since I read your blog, too, and I've seen your comments on other blogs I read. So no worries!

So far Jessica has chosen Queen of the Road and Dar nabbed the Pomegranate/Rose Water duo. Kate is up next, if she doesn't post soon I'll give her a call tomorrow so the rest you (well, Bethany) can choose. Then we'll see what Julie got stuck with. :-)

softdrink said...

Kate's going for Septembers of Shiraz.

Bethany? Name your poison.

beastmomma said...

I am glad that I am on the safe list!

bethany said...

oh, I would like the David Sedaris book, pretty please?? " When you are Engulfed In Flames".

OH, yay!! I really wanted this one :)

Dar said...

The books arrived today. Yipeeee. So much better than bills. Thanks again. I'll be reading them soon.

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