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where do you blog?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's time to answer another question.

Beastmomma asked: I am having lots of challenges with my blog administrator, so I am curious about the experience of others. How did you chose blogspot? What do you enjoy about this administrator? What would you change? Would you recommend to a friend?

I've blogged on LiveJournal, blogger and WordPress (briefly).

LiveJournal was my first experience with a blog. I think I blogged over there for about two years. I joined with a bunch of BookCrossers, so I had a set of friends. It was easy to use, and very easy to personalize your blog's template. But, it's also very cliquish. LiveJournal allows you to assign friend status, and to limit access to your blog to those same friends. If someone de-friends someone, suddenly it's like being back in high school. My blog on LiveJournal was pretty much a conversation with those people I knew from BookCrossing and who I had assigned friend status.

I've been on blogger for a couple of years, too. I started my current blog because I had a few friends who blogged on blogger and it was easier to communicate back and forth with blogger, as opposed to blogger-LiveJournal. As far as templates go, if you want to personalize the look of your blog, you need to be willing to mess around with html and devote some serious time it. At least for me, because blogger doesn't always respond the way I want. Especially with posting. Writing a post is easy. Inserting a picture is easy. But for the life of me, I can't figure out why my spacing goes all wonky on occasion. I am constantly editing my posts to get the spacing between paragraphs to appear uniform (and I like my posts to be visually appealing, not all haphazard looking...if this one looks weird, I'm blaming it on the auto-publish feature). Blogger has a nasty habit of deleting or inserting spaces. Sometimes I feel like it's an ongoing war over who really controls my blog. Despite that quirky little issue, I'm happy with blogger. Especially since it is free.

I posted book reviews to a group blog on WordPress for a few months. I experienced formatting issues there, too. And I had a heck of a time with pictures, for some reason. But that could be because it was different than blogger. And LiveJournal. I know the cool kids (Lisa and Trish and chartroose) are on WordPress, so maybe they'll weigh in.

What do you all think? Anyone have anything to add for beastmomma?

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Trisha said...

I've been blogging on Blogger since 2004 and I like it. I have issues with spacing too but since I've started using Windows Live Writer (which I totally recommend and it's a free download), I don't have those issues anymore. I don't have any major complaints about Blogger at all.

I also have a nearly identical blog on WordPress but I can't figure out how to change and adjust the template so I don't like it as much. One of my favorite things about blogging is being able to add to and change my template as much as I want without it costing me any money.

bkclubcare said...

I'm on wordpress after attempting for abt 2 wks to use blogspot. Too many popup windows for me so I thought I'd try WP. It was so much easier right off the bat. I think it's personal pref. I know another guy who tried both at the same time and blogger won.

But my FAVE thing abt WP is tracking responses to comments. which WP only tracks other WP sites so... I don't have to remember where I've commented and I dont have to sign in each and every time.

I have another blog and I only associate with other WPs there - it's just easier - it wasn't by design. It does seem that blogger has more bookish types!

My sec system doesn't have auto pswd memory or form fill in so I am always typing who I am. And some blogspotters don't allow non-bloggers in so that's why I have both sign ins.

Care said...

I also notice that a lot of blogspotters don't visit me - is this because it's a hassle to sign too many wp boxes to leave ME comments?

trish said...

Where were you when I was in high school, Jill? ;-)

Basically, if you stick with either blogger or WP, either of them will soon become "easy". So let me tell you about the major differences between blogger and WP:

Blogger allows ads, WP doesn't.

WP doesn't allow java script, but Blogger does. WP says it's a huge security issue...Really, there's only a few java script things I'd want anyway, so I don't really miss it.

WP has more "popular" templates. By that I mean the tabs are popular and many people on blogger (from what I've heard) are often searching for WP-type templates.

I, personally, think WP looks more professional with the way the widgets are done down the side. But that's just my opinion.

I also prefer how comments are shown on WP, and how WP doesn't take you into a totally different window just to leave a comment. Sometimes I want to refer back to a post while leaving a comment, which means leaving comments on blogger sites can be very aggravating.

I think those are the main differences. You can't tweak WP templates very much (in the free version), but they have so many great templates, I don't think that's a problem.

Anyway, this was such a long comment, I think I'll do a post on this sometime in the future.

The reason I know so much is because I do a LOT of research. *sigh*

beastmomma said...

This is very interesting. Does anyone else use Squarespace? It seems like blogger and WP are the most popular.

M said...

i really like the blogs i have found on wordpress...i started a blog on wordpress but found it really difficult to find other wordpress blogs and/or to generate comments.

i use Blogger and i read mostly Blogger blogs but i secretly want to be a Wordpressian.

beastmomma said...

I wish that the site adminstrator programs played better together.

chartroose said...

I'm not too crazy about either blogger or WP, and someday I'm going to have conniptions and move to something else.

Like Trish, I think WP looks more professional, but blogger is easier to use. Now that I'm on WP, I've had some trouble with losing a few of my posts somewhere in the transition from drafting to publishing.

I've also noticed that there are times when I can't reply to blogger, and some blogger blogs are hard to get into. This is why I don't list many blogger blogs on my site.

justareadingfool said...

I started with Blogger, but have since switched all of my blogs to WordPress.com. I did try Vox for about a month, but there were no discussions there, so I moved my reading blog and then all of my other blogs to WP.com I've had no problems since I've been here.

The only thing I would like to have is more control over my templates and javascript, which if I upgrade to WordPress.org, I believe, I will be able to do.

A month or two ago, I did a little research on blog platforms and by far, the most popular among "professional" bloggers is WordPress.org. Blogger, from what I understand, is where almost everyone starts and then goes up from there to other platforms like Typepad or WordPress.com or any of the others that are out there if they become "more serious" bloggers.

If you do a Google search for Wordpress.com vs. Typepad or WordPress.com vs. Blogger vs. Typepad...etc. usually you can come up with some good resources on the differences among all of "the biggies".

softdrink said...

I agree with WordPress looking more professional. And I like how you can reply to comments and they appear under the original comment. Maybe blogger will work on the comment feature someday!

Thanks for all the comments. And beastmomma...you're the only squarespacer I know.

bethany said...

I am very interested in this post. I have debated about moving...but moving is such a hassle. not gonna happen :)

girasoli said...

Late to this party again, but needed time to think of my answer - this is like being in school again :)

The Slow Travel blogs use Movable Type (and I think an older version). The past 3 years before this summer, I did a blog while traveling, each year starting a new blog just for that trip. Don't ask me why cause I really don't know why. Last summer about 3 weeks before I was heading back to Italy, Kim asked me to also do a blog on Slow Travel.

I got lots of comments which was fun. On my other trip blogs, hardly anyone commented (most of my friends/family still don't get the blog thing and commenting was much too complicated). Last summer I ran 2 blogs (basically doing one and then cutting/pasting into the 2nd one).

I started to write about other topics on my slow travel blog but kept up my Italy blog when I returned to continue to post photos. I finally closed it as it was too much work.

Now with the major problem with Firefox, I have often thought about switching either back to Blogger which I am familiar with OR to Wordpress. I also think it looks more professional (however there are many Blogger blogs which are more professional looking). I don't care about ads and don't really like the blogs that have tons of columns as much as it is too distracting.

So...after this long write up, what do I think?

Moveable Type is not very user friendly. It took me quite a while to learn it and it is still pretty limiting. However, I have Kim to help me with problems which is nice.

I like that I can see new comments (even if they are comments for a post I wrote months ago). I can't remember if with Blogger, I would have to go back to those pages to see the new comments or if there is another way to see them. There are some choices with templates but it is still much more limiting than Blogger.

For my template, the font is tiny which I don't like but I can't change that. I chose it though because I like the way it frames my photos. I usually go back into my Blogger blog and write a pretend post if I want to do something fancy such as colored font or a different size and then cut and paste into my Slow Travel blog until I figure out that new html code. At least I am learning this way.

The bad part is the continuing frustration over the problem with Firefox which at times drives me batty.

Blogger - I like that you can set the comments to type in a word verification that probably reduces spam (not sure though if that really does and hate the ones that feel like eye tests that I have to figure out) but some people limit comments to only google blogger or google blogger and open id which means everyone can't leave a comment (incuding me). I have no problem at all signing into your blog to leave a comment. My computer remembers everything so it is fast and easy.

I do like that there are many ways to personalize your blog with Blogger. I did have that change in fonts size/etc sometimes though when I would do a post. Ok...this is getting LONG now so on to Wordpress.

Wordpress - more professional looking. I like some of the templates. I thought of switching at one point with all the Firefox problems as well as having it be just my blog (still not sure exactly what the rules are for slow travel blogs) but then I think I would lose all of my comments. Not sure though. I don't like when you need to type in the word verification after hitting submit because sometimes I walk away from my computer not realizing I still need to do that word verification.

I might decide to try it out starting another blog just doing a photo a day or something??

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