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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Since my last visit to Sunriver, the house we stay in has sprung for wireless internet. Life is good.

Here's what I've been up to...

Last night we stayed in Corning, which is known as the Olive Town, and claims the Olive Pit as a major attraction. Although the Holiday Inn Express we stayed in was nice, the town is pretty much just a pit. There were three truck stops, and I think that's all that's keeping that town alive.

Since we couldn't get into the Sunriver rentals until 4pm today, we took our time on the drive. We stopped in Redding at the Barnes and Noble so Hamburger could buy a few magazines, and at Jamba Juice for a smoothie. Then it was Klamath Falls and Taco Time (hey, it was either that or Burger King). Then, the highlight of the trip so far...Dairy Queen in La Pine. Good times, huh?

Central Oregon is still flat. And still covered in trees. If you ever have the opportunity to drive Highway 97...don't. It's fine if you're using it to get to Bend, but otherwise? Meh. I think it says something that the highlight of our day was the Dairy Queen. And really, I like Oregon. I used to live here. It has no sales tax. It has Powells. And beautiful coastal communities. And Dufur. I mean, really. Who can resist Dufur? Not to mention Friend. 'Cause I lived there too. And let's not forget Boyd, another stop in my brief life as an Oregonian. Who cares if I was 5 years old at the time...I figure since I once lived in towns that no longer exist, I can poke fun at Central Oregon.

Anyways, we finally made to Sunriver around 4:30, and so far I've been on a bike ride and rallied a bit at ping-pong. I think Hamburger was using me too warm up for the tournament that will be sure to occur later this week. Now I'm holed up with the computer, elated at the fact that I have a connection to the outside (because Sunriver really is kind of a self-contained world).

And I get to spend the next 6 days with 30 people I consider family, but wouldn't necessarily choose to hang with on a regular basis. So please, take pity and leave lots of comments.

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Brad'll Do It said...

Thirty family folks frolicking fecklessly with Fizzy for a fractional fortnight sounds like fun(?)!

Dar said...

Wowser-30 people. I think it would very likely be a blast to hang out with you for 6 days. Thankfully you have an internet connection this time around-that's gotta help.

Have fun, keep us posted on the bike rides, ping-pong, hey-how about the food? There's got to be good food at a reunion like that. Looking forward to your adventures with the family.

girasoli said...

Woo-hoo is right. Isn't being connected to the internet wonderful (for us addicts)?? :)

I didn't know you played ping pong. Haven't touched a paddle in years. Loved to play. I am off to check out some of your links. I have only been to Oregon once (old boyfriend's sister's house in that town where the Ducks play).

trish said...

I came over to leave a comment, and all of a sudden I'm drawing a blank!

Hmm...in-laws...I'm very lucky, I really do like my in-laws. MY family on the other hand...I have a crazy aunt who has driven me to knit since I can't stand to listen to her go on and on about different things, but not wanting to start an argument, I don't want to give my opinion, but I can't sit there and do nothing, so I've learned to knit. That way I can nod my head, smile, and still be busy. :D

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