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Laboring over books

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yesterday I decided to reclaim my bookshelves. And the closet in the office.

I have a wonderful bookshelf in our office, but it was over-run with the remnants of my teaching career (which ended 11 years ago) and my one quarter as a grad student (which ended 3 years ago). I claim I'm not a pack rat, but the number of esoteric history books (Fighter Pilots, anyone?), some read, some not, that I was holding on to was a bit ridiculous. I managed to sell some back to Powells, some I offed on BookMooch, and the rest went to Goodwill (my deepest apologies if any of you had a burning desire to read Writing Women's History Since the Renaissance). And then I filled the shelves back up with most of the books that were hiding in various locations throughout the house (such as the above mentioned office closet). I still have some books cowering down in the bedroom that I can either get rid of (meaning I've read them and I have no idea why I still have them) or add to the shelves that still have a bit of room left, but I'm going to worry about that next weekend. Oh, and I just remembered I need to look under my reading chair...I tend to stash books there, too.

My reward for all of this labor? I found the copy of The Book Thief that I knew I had.

Your reward for all this labor? I will give away my copy of The Lace Reader to the person who can come the closest to guessing the number of unread books I still have in my house (this includes the office bookshelf, a few shelves of various sizes in the living room, and the cowering books in the bedroom). I won't be counting the few reference and history books that are left (Queen Isabella and Eleanor of Aquitaine didn't want to leave, and it's kind of hard to evict royalty).

Leave your best guess in the comments before 5pm tomorrow, Pacific Time. If you aren't interested in The Lace Reader, I have a few other books I can offer you, I'm just too lazy to go look at that pile right now.

And honestly? I'm a little scared to count all those books.

8 comment(s):

beastmomma said...

My guess is 50 unread books because that is about the number I have in my place :)

Messy Karen said...

i'll say 160. even i have more than that. & i'm not an active reader like you.

Ti said...

I already have The Lace Reader but Ill play :) I'll say 39.

Lisa said...

I'm gonna say 68.

Jessica said...

My guess is 101.

Stephanie said...

120 is my guess (and I would love a copy of The Lace Reader!

Carrie K said...

I would hate to actually count how many i have so KUDOS for going that far...lol

Im going to guess 127...

...and I have lace reader but would love something else from the towering stacks :)

heatherlo said...

I'm going to go with 198... a little high but I have almost that many on just one bookshelf so it might be even more for you.

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