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More unspectacular quirkiness

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jessica tagged me for the 6 quirky things meme. I've already done this, but hey, I'll try again. But only because Jessica said she loved my blog.

1. I wear one contact lens.
2. My fingers turn purple.
3. I really do answer to Softdrink. And Juice, although only my niece calls me that anymore.
4. I don't do windows. Seriously, my house is clean, except for the windows.
5. I can curl my tongue. (But I can't wiggle my ears.)
6. I have the text message feature on my cell phone disabled.

Okay, so I don't think #6 is quirky, but people sure do give me strange looks when I admit it...

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Eden said...

Ok, I am not texting you then. But wanted to let you know that the SLOWBOWL sign up is on and I do not see your name. You're coming, right????

Ti said...

I have the same problems with my windows. They are really high, and really large so they don't get cleaned as often as they should. Clean house, dirty windows.

jaime said...

I don't do windows either. I have two cats, and they're almost as bad as kids when it comes to dirtying windows. Stupid little noseprints everywhere!

I also have my text messaging disabled, but I'm going to turn it back on because I work for a college and I can now get a text message when we're closed for snow instead of having to call in :-)

softdrink said...

Eden...Thank you!!!!!! I hadn't been on the forums in awhile, so I owe you big time for the reminder!

ti and jaime...I'm so glad I'm in good company. Most of our windows face due west and the blinds are closed against the afternoon sun, so I don't even notice. :-D

herschelian said...

Vis a vis not doing windows, does anyone? Here in London we all employ window cleaners. The guy I use is quite elderly now and is training up his grandson. He is very interesting as he also cleans the windows of the author Sebastian Faulks who has just written the new James Bond book authorised by the Ian Fleming literary executors; when my window cleaner saw the huge piles of books littering my home he started telling me about Faulks - and other authors he cleans windows for....fascinating! BTW the two Faulks books I really rate are "Birdsong" and "On Green Dolphin Street".

girasoli said...

When I first read "I don't do windows", I thought you meant you only use Macs!

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