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The party's over

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm back from vacation, back to work, and fully involved in a post-vacation pout. Because as much as I complained about being in Sunriver, I'd much rather be there than here right now.

However, I did finish three books while I was gone. The Red Scarf, Ghostwalk and The Last Time I Was Me. And tonight I'll finish Breaking Dawn. So I have reviews to write. Just not right now. Right now I have some pouting to get back to.

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chartroose said...

Oh waaa, waaa, waaa--cry (or pout) me a (sun)river.

I wish I were going to a river this summer, hell, I'd even settle for a septic tank! Just anywhere to get away from here.

Now I'm pouting. Thanks a lot!

Dar said...

Ha-love it, post-vacation pout! Yup, getting back to the drudgery of real life can be a pain in the you know where.

Welcome back, I look forward to all of your reviews.

softdrink said...

chartroose, misery loves company, dontcha know. Glad you can join me.

Dar, the reviews are ready to go!

Brad'll Do It said...

Like I always say upon my return from anywhere enjoyable away from home, "reality sucks."

Is that what retirement is... always on vacation? Never mind, can't afford it, anyway.

In a real sense, people who have read good literature have lived more than people who cannot or will not read. It is not true that we have only one life to live; if we can read, we can live as many more lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish. ~S.I. Hayakawa

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
~St. Augustine

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.
~Mark Twain

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