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Calling all book freaks

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sorry. You're not a book freak. You're a book lover. I'm a freak. I'm super excited, because today I bought my ticket for the...

The third annual Book Group Expo is October 25th and 26th in San Jose. That would be California, for all you non-west coast-centric bloggers out there.

Some of the authors who will be there include:
*Annie Barrows
*Brunonia Barry
*Marisa de los Santos
*Julia Glass
*Ann Packer
*Jennie Shortridge

And those are just the authors I've read. There are oodles more, including Andre Dubus III, Garth Stein, Terry McMillan, Joshua Henkin and Zoe Ferraris (has anyone read Finding Nouf yet?). Go here to see all the other authors that I left out.

So...any other freaks planning to attend?

4 comment(s):

trish said...

Erm, if someone wants to sponsor me to go, that'd be awesome. I'm close! It wouldn't cost you much money! Otherwise...


Ti said...

I am filing away this tidbit for later. I don't think I can attend right now. That weekend is not good for me but if something changes I may try to. That would be so much fun!

Dar said...

Oh boy, would I love to go to this. Aaaaaaaaah, the problem being I'm much too far away. Dar pouting in Canada...

Daphne said...

Wow. That sounds fun. I'm in Alameda so it's even possible. Hmmmm....

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