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Confession time

Monday, September 01, 2008

I have 146 books in my TBR pile, which is no longer a pile, but rather 6 shelves of books. Please don't tell my mom...she gave me strange looks when I confessed to the leaning tower of books that previously lived in the closet.

This means that Karen is now the proud owner of The Lace Reader (unless you'd like a different book...check out this post for all the books I have available). Karen chimed in with 160, which was only 14 too many. Either Karen has been playing peeping tom(asina) or she's just smart like that.

Congratulations Karen! Please email me with your address and your book choice.

6 comment(s):

Messy Karen said...

i'm so happy. but i can't find your email.

softdrink said...

Whoops...I knew I forgot something!
fizzybeverage at gmail dot com
Sorry about that!

Stephanie said...

Oh man, I was so close!

Carrie K said...

soooo close! haahaa

and i thought i might be guessing too high!

now im inspired to go count mine because clearly im a bad guesstimator...lol

Dar said...

You know I'm thinking 146 isn't really that bad. OK-yes it's bad but I'm scared to find out how many I have. After reading your posts on your bookshelves which was pretty funny, I'm thinking I should tackle mine and at least get them organized and eeeeek maybe count them too.

softdrink said...

Stephanie and Carrie - look on the bright side, you're in the running for the Friday giveaway. :-D

Dar - it was a lot of work...I really didn't expect it to take all day (of course I got sidetracked by cleaning the closet, too).

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