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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My boss and I were sitting in her office last week discussing a tracking database. I had just finished explaining why it was convoluted, outdated, and unnecessary. She agreed, and then we had a conversation that went something like this:

Boss: I can’t even find the screen I was just on.

Me (not looking at the monitor): Click on the back button until you’re at Tier 2. Now go down to the third T3 button and click on that. Are those the measures you were looking for?

Boss: I thought you said this was too convoluted and you didn’t understand it?

Me: Sometimes my brain scares me.

Boss: It scares me, too.

I prefer to think that was a compliment.

8 comment(s):

anne said...

LOL! I'd prefer to take it as a compliment too :)

Ti said...

Well just because it's covoluted does not mean it is beyond your comprehension. LOL. I would definitely take that as a comment though.

Brad'll Do It said...

Why am I not at all surprised that sometimes your brain scares you? I've been reading your blog, and watched you interrupt YOURSELF!

THAT should scare you. Why have a brain if it doesn't scare you sometimes with its unexpected brilliance?!

(It was a compliment, a gauche).

beastmomma said...

I think it was a compliment. What a funny interaction.

Jerry said...

Yes - take it as a compliment! Always interpret comments from the boss as a compliment.

trish said...

Does your brain scare you often? :-) That was too funny.

softdrink said...

Trish - as a matter of fact, it does. :-D

Dar said...

LOL-I think you should take it as a compliment too-the alternative isn't as good.

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