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I'm not a poet - and I know it

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In honor of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, fyrefly is having a haiku contest. Leave your review in the form of a haiku, and you'll be entered to win an amazon gift card. Can't remember the rules for haikus (and this is where I admit I didn't)? Don't worry, fyrefly will remind you.

Since I've been reading my current book for awhile (and no it's not the one over there on the right...I'm on hiatus from that book and I keep forgetting to update my sidebar), and I haven't had any reviews to post, I thought I would attempt to summarize my current read:

Was she raised by apes?
Who is killing the children?
Lena's on the case.

Any guesses on what I'm reading? Since I seem to be on a roll with giving away books, I'll offer up another choice from the book closet to the first person who can correctly identify the title and author.

Good luck!

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Julie P. said...

You sell yourself short!! :)
I think this book sounds vaguely familiar. Is it ORIGIN by Diana Abu-Jabe?r

Julie P. said...

Ooops -- I was in such a rush that I have a type!

ORIGIN by Diana Abu-Jaber

softdrink said...

Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Well done, Julie! Please email me with your book choice and address.

Tracy said...

I haven't read that one. Good job on your haiku! I'm not even attempting that one.

literatehousewife said...

I like your poem and it makes me interested in the book. Thank you, Julie, for filling me in. :) I like this post a lot and I'm going to have to copy it on my blog. I don't think you'll mind too much when I tell you that you are the second chance Philippa Gregory Scavenger Hunt! :)

blueviolet said...

Congrats, Julie!

softdrink said...

You all are too kind. Haiku is much easier than trying to rhyme and do meter be deep and meaningful...and all that other poetry stuff. Although I'm sure that true haiku would leave me in the dust. ;-)

Alan Summers said...

Cute haiku! ;-)

Don't worry, there aren't rules to haiku, and then again there could be hundreds! ;-)

I think of them as six second poems for starters.

all my best,

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