- Fizzy Thoughts: Nastiest. Bug. Ever.

Nastiest. Bug. Ever.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Meet Bubba. As in Big Ugly Bug - Be Afraid. I know this is a lousy picture, but honestly, I was too nervous he was going to jump out at me, so I clicked and slammed the door shut.

Bubba seems to have adopted us. The bastard. Last night Hamburger pointed him out...he was leering at us from the side wall of the front porch. I'm pretty sure he waved, too, because he's got these long arms, and one of them moved. Evidently, he's appointed himself watch dog. Or watch bug. Or whatever. Today, he has moved to the door handle. He was there to greet me when I returned from my walk. I think he waved at me again. Currently, he's all tucked up inside, so if anyone reaches for the handle, they're in for a rude surprise. Thank god he didn't object to me and the key. Also thank god the door opens when you turn the key and I didn't have to touch the handle.

This has got to be the biggest bug I've ever seen. He's about 3 inches long, and he looks like a big albino cricket with Mick Jagger lips. And I'm not kidding about the lips.

All I know, is if the doorbell rings, I'm not answering.

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Dar said...

I can't stand bugs to begin but man, that is one honkin big ugly bug. It needs to leave your house. On another note, while the bug isn't funny at all, this post of yours sure is-the bug waving at you. Ha-wave back with the Raid can. lol.

Eva said...

Awww: I hope it leaves soon! Isn't it hamburger's job to make it leave?! ;)

Lisa said...

Yikes! I was wondering how you got the door open, that woulda made me climb in through a window.

Ti said...

That is one ugly bug. I would not tolerate it living on my door though. Do what any girl would do. Grab your hair dryer and blow it off.

Melissa said...

So, hey, there's this award going around, and I passed it on to you. :) Enjoy!

girasoli said...

Welcome to my world!! I have been watching this gecko walk from one end to the other and back along the top part of my wall the past few days. I could try to catch him and send ship him off to you :) Geckos eat bugs. Oh, and I love the Bubba expression! I may need to steal that someday.

softdrink said...

Dar - Waving back with the Raid can is both a hilarious and excellent idea...if I had any Raid. And the guts to dispose of the carcass.

Eva - I think he was just as grossed out as I was last night. Today, he wasn't home. And now we're ignoring the front door.

Lisa - unfortunately, our house has no windows to climb through, unless I had a ladder handy. The entry is street level, but the street level windows are plate glass. This was not helpful the one time I locked myself out.

Ti - I'm going to have to remember that trick.

Thanks Melissa!

Girasoli - All big bugs go by Bubba. And I think I do need to borrow that gecko!

trish said...


And YEAH, it's IS Hamburger's job to make Bubba leave. I should have made my husband put 'I will kill the bugs' in our wedding vows. Dang.

LisaMM said...

Bubba gives me the willies, but my kids LOVE bugs, and we don't have anything near as interesting as that around here!

Ladytink_534 said...

Lol! I can't say I blame you. Bubba is pretty freaky looking.

Annie said...

This post is hilarious. He's kinda special. Maybe he's your guardian angel in disguise or something. :)

bkclubcare said...

What you need is to have my neighbors: 3 boys age 5,7,9. They'd capture your bug for you. (Don't even ask about the huge spider they caught and made me look at yesterday. shudder)

Kim and Jason said...

Ewww!! We had a bug EXACTLY like this one outside our window right next to the front door! I say its an invasion! Yuk and good luck!

Veens said...

haha! we had once this one in our room!and we were jumping around hitting it to somehow get it to the window :D

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