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Sunday, October 19, 2008

it's like the day after christmas around here. only it's the day after the read-a-thon. and instead of a sad little christmas tree in the corner, i've got a ratty looking pair of neglected pom-poms lying at my feet. okay, not really, but i am kinda sad it's all over, because i had a great time, even if i was only a cheerleader. and if you're wondering why the capitals have left my blog, it's because after leaving a bajilion and one comments yesterday, today i am a lazy typer...you should be grateful i'm using periods and commas and such.

you know, i really wanted to be a reader, but i knew i couldn't stay up all night (i have to get up early tomorrow and go back to davis for another training, so sleep deprivation wasn't an option). except now, after cheering all the readers on, i'm thinking i kinda like the idea of being a permanent cheerleader. i actually went the whole day without reading, and i survived. and it's fun to kinda get a global perspective of the read-a-thon, to see what everyone is up to without worrying about not reading.

major kudos to dewey, the master-mind of the whole event, and her helpers, aerin, trish, nymeth and hannah. you guys totally rock!

as a cheerleader, i just have two suggestions. well, pleas really. the first is a plea to all bloggers to turn off their word verification for the day, because, i'm sorry, but when you're leaving comment after comment after comment, that becomes a total pain in the buttinsky to deal with. and the second is...we need more cheerleaders! i was thinking it'd be easy to bop around and leave comments on everyone's blog, but it's not. easy, that is. i know there were blogs i never made it to (and yes, i have feelings of guilt) and there were blogs i stopped by a few times, and then there were bloggers who couldn't shake me. and really, doesn't everyone deserve a pain in the ass cheerleader to cheer them on?

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bermudaonion said...

I'm thinking of joining in on the fun in April - I'm not much for staying up all night, so maybe cheerleading will be my thing.

Ti said...

I may regret this later but I may want to try the reading part next year. Good point about the word verification. I was not an official cheerleader but I too, visited several sites to leave encouraging words and it was a pain!

bethany said...

you were such an excellent cheerleader!!! :)You are great!

I so agree about word verification...but most people don't know they even have it on.

Dawn said...

Go, Jill, go!
Cheer, Jill, cheer!

It seems that cheerleaders and readers alike had a great time.

I'm hoping to get in on the action in April (is there a date set yet?)

Chris said...

You should pick up those pom-poms and do a cheer for yourself! You were so incredible throughout the whole thing and you hosted one of the most fun mini-challenges :p and I just posted a post with the exact same title as you, lol.

sharonanne said...

I had fun cheering too. I kind of feel like doing it again today!

Traci said...

You were a fantastic cheerleader! Thank you so much for all the encouragement you gave to Brandon and me throughout the day. It meant a lot! Every time I would go online to update, Brandon would stop reading long enough to ask me to read him any comments we'd gotten. He was so proud that people were actually cheering for him. Thanks again for being such a great cheerleader.

softdrink said...

bermudaonion and ti and dawn - you should definitely join the fun next time (not sure of the date, Dawn...but if you subscribe to Dewey's blog, you'll see the updates!)

bethany, chris and traci - thanks! You guys were fantastic readers!!

sharonanne - it's a hard habit to break, isn't it? ;-)

bkclubcare said...

I know what you mean about it being so hard to turn off the cheering enthusiasm. And then everyone is sleeping and the readers aren't blogging - it gets so quiet... It's very fun to cheer. I appreciate your mad skills.

Kristina said...

You are too funny!! I loved having your encouragement all day!!

Dar said...

I think I'll read next year. I had a bunch of blogs I was following and cheerleading on and those kept me busy. lol.

trish said...

Yes, definitely no word verification when you're trying to race around and leave lots of comments.

And yes, we all want a cheerleader we can't shake!

Mwah! for rocking the cheerleading.

grayskyeyes said...

I totally agree about turning of word verification. I tried to get to all the blogs while I was cheerleading, and while I got to most I also felt guilty about the ones I missed. I think I would have gotten to at least a few more if I hadn't wasted so much time doing word verification -- so annoying!

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