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Friday, October 03, 2008

Dear readers,

Please excuse softdrink from selecting the weekly winner of the book closet today. She has to check out of the hotel by 8:30, attend 6 hours of training, and then drive home. Depending on traffic, she will not be home until late tonight, at which time she will climb into bed and pass out. Tomorrow morning she has a mandatory appearance at her cousin's wedding. Any excitement over contests and books and winners must be saved and channeled into thoughts of happy happy joy joy for the cousin.

Additionally, selecting a winner involves higher math skills (counting above 10) that softdrink will not be capable of performing until her brain is fully rested and back online. After an exhausting week of snoring roommates, barking dogs, drunken college students, and ad-lib training in front of a room full of professional trainers (*gulp*), we are sure you can muster up a little sympathy and hold your horses until Saturday night. Or maybe Sunday morning. In the meantime, comment away for an increased chance to win (to figure your odds, please do something comparitive (or some other statistical sounding word) with the number of comments you left and the number of total comments).

Thank you,
softdrink's sleep deprived and not-so-fizzy alter-ego,
flat soda

9 comment(s):

Ti said...

Okay. I got my chuckle for today. LOL.

Dar said...

I know you're tired and cranky but you came through-you made me LMAO. Flat soda-that's hilarious. I don't envy the 6 hrs of training or the drive home-yuck. Hang in there-you'll be home soon.

Carrie K said...

lots of sympathy! sounds like the week from hell...sorry!

Messy Karen said...

you are too funny.

Ramya said...

flat soda??? lol!!! you are hilarious girl! have fun at the wedding!

Ladytink_534 said...

Poor softdrink! Sounds like she has an exhausting weekend to look forward to!

Eva said...

Aww: I hope you get some rest!!

And flat soda is a perfect description of how I feel after a crazy week. ;)

Icedream said...

I feel bad you had such a rough week. Hope the weekend gives you a chance to relax a little but I appreciate that you can still keep your sense of humor, I'd just be a grumpy sourpuss.

trish said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Flat soda!!


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