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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let's see what keyword searches have brought the crazies lovely readers to my blog lately.

  • memory keeper’s daughter - really people, how many times do I have to tell you - don't bother.
  • eva and fizzy in Disneyland - Eva? Do you have another friend named fizzy? And why did you take her to Disneyland and not me??
  • my friend judith by doris lessing - nope, haven't read it. But I do have a friend named Judith. Does that count?
  • fizzy home gross out - hey, I clean my house!
  • atm gard du nord - this always pops up on the list. Haven't you found it yet?? It only took me an hour.
  • words that mean connecting people - huh?
  • romeo and juliet were found dead on the floor. there was water and glass on the floor. the only things in the room are a bookshelf and a bed. the house is on a remote island and their is a - first of all, this has to be the longest search term ever. Really, less is more. And second, I'd need to know what books were on the bookshelf. And third...glug, glug. Think about it.
  • strength-based thoughts - ack! I get enough strength-based crap at work. My thoughts are my own, and if they don' wanna be strength-based, you can't make 'em. So there.
  • nastiest bug - I miss Bubba
  • ugliest bug and biggest bug ever - wow, Bubba woulda been so proud

Really, I would encourage you all to get some sort of stat counter for your blog. They can be highly entertaining. And good for a post every now and then.

11 comment(s):

bermudaonion said...

Isn't it bizarre to see how people find your blog? Someone found mine by searching for Rocket Man by William Elliott Hazelgrove. I have that book, but I've never written anything about it, so I figure there's a psychic working at Google.

Care said...

I saw Bubba today! I was deadheading my Lady's Mantel and there he was, just hangin' out.

I don't get many interesting search terms on my book blog. Almost all are titles of books I've read.

Dawn said...

These posts crack me up! I do need a stats program that's more entertaining than my wordpress stats! Or maybe I should encourage my friends to come up with creative Google phrases that will lead to me ...

jdeq said...

"good for a post everyone now and then" . . . isn't that the truth! Sometimes I think I spend too much time checking out the counter though! Just what I need, another obsession LOL

Stephanie said...

Ha, they are pretty funny! And I agree, the memory keeper's daughter just stunk.

Eva said...

lol! You're the only fizzy in my life. ;)

(p.s.: your package came in the mail today: thanks so much for including the short stories!!! brightened up my day :D)

softdrink said...

bermudaonion - good point on the psychic...the eva and fizzy search item freaked me out a bit. ;-)

Care - tell Bubba I said hi!

dawn - I'm wondering if my frequent use of the term asshat is going to lead to some interesting search results.

Jerry - I used to compulsively check my stats, too. I think you've got the all time best keyword phrases, though.

Stephanie - that was the top search item, too. Figures.

Eva - whew. ;-) And you're most welcome.

Dar said...

I love these posts-perfect way to cheer up my morning. I think I need some kind of stats on my blog-I'll have to check some out.

Tara said...

Which stat counter do you use? I don't think I get that much information...but maybe I'm not viewing it properly!

girasoli said...

Isn't google wonderful? It's almost like 6 degrees of separation how a phrase can get linked to something so not like that phrase. At least Bubba is getting more exposure :)

Ladytink_534 said...

I just started keeping track of these and I plan on doing a post at the end of the month. I swear, I get more searches for The Black Dagger Brotherhood....

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