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a little whine with my wine

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So here I am in Davis for the week. I'm at a training to learn how to train on something that I philosophically disagree with me being a trainer for. If that makes sense. I don't disagree with the use of the tools, but they are tools designed by social workers for social workers and the training is very social worker-y. And I've never been a social worker. However, our department doesn't see that as a problem, even if I do.

So that's whine number one.

Number two whine, even though it's been resolved: I'm here with two other people, one is manager, one's another me (aka not a manager). Managers get their own rooms, us peons have to share. Which is usually not that big of a deal. But my roommate snores. And she told the travel desk that. And they pretty much said tough cookies. After one night of me not sleeping, she called the travel desk and explained the situation again, and now we each have our own room.

However, tonight I was reveling in my aloneness, reading my book (The Last Queen is awesome, by the way) when I hear a dog barking. In the room next to me. I knocked. No one home. I called the front desk, and yes they allow dogs, but they would look into the barking issue. Five minutes later I marched down to the office, and apologized in advance for being a bitch, and then demanded a new room. Which meant packing up all my crap and moving.

I am now settled into a new room, but dammit, I want to be home. Stuff like this doesn't happen at home. Okay, the barking dogs happen at home. And Hamburger snores. And I have to train on stuff I don't want to train on. But at least I would be at home.

I'm going to go back to my wine now. Thanks for listening.

And I hope your week is much, much better than mine.

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Eva said...

Awwww: I'm sorry you had so many problems. :( Hope you get some peaceful reading time!

MackAttack said...

You're hilarious! I love how you realized that home had all the same stuff going on... but yes, it's HOME. :)

Annie said...

Whining is therapeutic!

No adult should have to share a room with a co-worker so I'm glad you were able to change that.

Ti said...

I totally hear ya on the training. After 14 years doing technical training... I am FINALLLY unloading it onto some other poor schmuck. This month is my last month (unless we have another re-org which we seem to have every 3 months).

I don't understand why people expect trainers to train on everyday, on the job type of stuff. We don't do the work so how are we capable of training users properly? Enough of my rant.

That stinks about the hotel room and having to change but at least you are finally by yourself and without a dog barking in the next room.

Dar said...

Yup, the crap always seems easier to deal with from the comfort of your own home. Sorry it's turning into the week from hell. I relate on the barking dogs though-we have a few in the neighborhood. I don't let mine bark like crazy and I figure everyone should be like me-NOT. You're coming home soon, aren't you-I guess it can't come fast enough...

Brad'll Do It said...

So many whines, so little time.

Stuff in general is just harder when travelling, 'cause one doesn't have the resources and knowledge (bank, cleaners, grocery store, etc.) one has at home, but does have to lug around all that's needed for a week.

Yet we love to travel when WE get to choose the activities and people with whom we engage at the destination. Wassup with that?

Hope the rest of your week is snoredogroommate-free.

Kim said...

Oh yeah that pretty much sucks with the hotel issue. And what are blogs for than to be able to whine once in a while!

Icedream said...

Everyone deserves a good whine once in a while. I wish I knew what social worky things your were training on. I have this whole scenerio playing in my head where you tell them "that you appreciate all that you have learned but at times feel as though the paradigm leaves potential for exclusionary behavior to manifest itself in the work envoriment". We tend to get worked up over stuff like that and I can see the committees forming now.

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