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Lucky #37

Friday, October 10, 2008

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

Right? You have been waiting anxiously just for this post. Right??

Anyways. This week's winner of a book of her choice is she of the most awesomest vocabulary ever. I'm sure you'll all agree that chartroose has a certain way with words. This was her winning comment (in response to my thanking her for reminding me of the word asshat, which I then used to describe Philip the Handsome):

You're welcome! Asshat IS marvelous, isn't it? I've been feeling quite potterish (filled with adolescent angst) lately. I made that one up today. Do you think it will do?

Yes, I do think it will do. In fact, it would have worked well in my Oscar Wao review. I'd re-write it, but that would involve too much work.

So congratulations to the potterish chartroose. Hopefully, she can manage to get a message through indicating her choice of book (our blogs don't play well together).

By the way, this is the asshat:

3 comment(s):

chartroose said...

Hooray, thank you! I want the one about small town Alaska because I've been feeling awfully close to Sarah Palin lately. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I saw Russia from my house the other day too.

chartroose said...

It's called "If You Lived Here I'd Know You Were Russian."

chartroose said...

If you don't want to give me that one, you can send "The Geographer's Library" and I'll gift it to Sarah Palin. She needs to be schooled.

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