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my favorite furry red monster

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Did you know I have a thing for redheads? It's true. Hamburger is a redhead. And so is Elmo.

Isn't he cute?

Since I've been posting about reading and books and the read-a-thon all day, I thought I'd offer up something different. These are my favorite videos of Elmo...they never fail to make me laugh. In all of them, Elmo appears with Rove McManus, an Australian tv host.

Rove interviews Elmo by satellite (this one is totally out of sync, but hilarious)

Elmo visits Rove for the first time (long, but absolutely adorable)

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Ti said...

The other day they had Elmo and Abby Cadabi (sp?) on 104.3 MYFM and Elmo had a potty mouth! It was really funny to hear Elmo talk so inappropriately about everyday stuff. He didn't say any bad words per se, but he was sassy and very rude!

I have to say, I'm partial to the Cookie Monster myself.

softdrink said...

He gets pretty snarky with Rove. I think that's why I like this group of videos.

Care said...


Do the RED SOX count if RED is in their name?

softindierocker said...

Thanks so much for the comment! Lol, I love Elmo too! And Rove, for that matter! Are you from Australia? =) Aw, I can't watch those vids right now coz my internet connection is reeeeeally slow, lol! ;) I did see Elmo and Rove on tv (I think it was the 2nd time)

~Lucy D =)

softindierocker said...

Whoops- how ditzy am I?! It says on your profile (that I just read) that your from California! Hehe, sorry I just got excited coz I live in NZ which is really close to Oz! Eek. =D

softdrink said...

Care...are they cute? ;-)

Hey Lucy - I've never even been to Australia or NZ. Although I did once date a guy from Australia. The only reason I know of Rove is because of Elmo. :-D

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