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Sunday, October 19, 2008

For the read-a-thon, I hosted a mini-challenge. I asked participants to create their top 10 list of anything related to the read-a-thon. For 2 hours, people sent me links to their lists, and for 2 hours I was highly entertained. Maybe it was the hour (15 hours into the read-a-thon) or maybe it was the caffeine (very possible, considering how many times it was mentioned in the lists), but there were some hilarious and clever entries. Here's a sample:

From Joanne at Book Zombie: The Top Ten Things You Can Do While Reading That You Never Thought You’d Be Doing!

Jessi at Casual Dread: Jessi's Top 7 Books Added to Her Wishlist Because of the Read-a-Thon

Kimmy at The Smug Cloud: The Top Ten Distractions You Must Carefully Avoid During The Read-a-thon!

Ashley at Book and Cranny: Top 10 Ways You Know You've Had Too Much Coffee During the Read-a-Thon

Steph at The Kea: Top 10 Reasons the Read-A-Thon Makes you Look Crazy to Non-Read-a-Thoner’s

Chris at Stuff as Dreams are Made On: Top Ten Ways To Keep Your Eyes Pried Open During the Readathon

To find the links to all of the lists, check out the comments page from the mini-challenge post.

Thanks to everyone who contributed a list...this was one of the highlights of my evening!

2 comment(s):

Trish said...

I was sooooo sorry that I missed this mini-challenge! It happened during a time when I wasn't checking my computer very often.

Hey, I wanted to say thanks for coming by to cheer me on! You did a great job. :)

bkclubcare said...

Terrific mini-challenge! very fun. Good job. Woo hoo.

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