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The Memorist

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Memorist
M.J. Rose
453 pages

This book is the follow-up to The Reincarnationist, although personally, I don’t think it’s necessary to have read the one before the other. But if you’d like to read The Reincarnationist you can download the book for free here. Yes, I said free. Cool, huh?

The Memorist is about memory, and reincarnation, and what some people will do to both forget and remember. At the heart of the story is Meer Logan, a young woman who was plagued by vague memories and music throughout her childhood. Meer thought she had the memories under control. But they've come back. At the same time, Meer caves to her father's request to travel to Austria to look at an old box, one she has never seen but compulsively drew as a child. So off Meer goes to Vienna, where she is quickly embroiled in all sorts of happenings. Also in Austria are Malachai Samuels (from The Reincarnationist), musician Sebastian Otto, FBI agent Julian Glass, an Israeli journalist by the name of David Yalom, a security team, the secretive Memorist Society, and various other characters. Everyone has their own agenda, but what is driving almost everyone is the search for an old flute, and a melody that will call up memories of past lives.

Okay, so that's a lame description. You can read better summaries here and here.

If you've read The Reincarnationist, then The Memorist will be both new and familiar ground. The basis of both stories is the search for an ancient artifact that will uncover the mysteries of reincarnation and memories. Both books involve arcane societies and interweave a present day quest with the stories of those who have gone before. I will confess to liking the The Reincarnationist's past story better than the past story in The Memorist, even if it did involve Beethoven...however, I liked the present day story of The Memorist better than the present story in The Reincarnationist...if that makes any sense. Still, both books are fast-paced, entertaining reads with mystical components.

Tune in tomorrow when I'll be a stop on TLC Book Tours for The Memorist. M.J. Rose herself might just pop in to say a few words.


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6 comment(s):

bermudaonion said...

That book sounds fascinating. Thanks for the review.

raych said...

I skimmed your review! I am a review-skimmer! Obvs I am going to read this, and then I will come back and READ your review.

Chris said...

Now this sounds like something that I'd really like! I just put The Reincarnationist on my wishlist. I love the cover to this one...it's fantastic!

bethany said...

It sounds like a fun tour!!! I'll be by tomorrow.

chartroose said...

I'm going to have to read "The Reincarnationist" too. Someday, when I can clone myself, perhaps.

Dar said...

This book sounds so good. I've been seeing it around quite a bit and I've always been interested in reincarnation. Looks like another one for the list.

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