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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Daniel Clay
September 2008
336 pages

At first, the references to To Kill a Mockingbird were so blatant and distracting I was about to quit the book. The main character is named Skunk, her single father Archie is a lawyer, her older brother is named Jed and the neighborhood bully Bob Oswald beats up another neighbor, Rick Buckley, thereafter known as Broken.

Then the book took a bizarre twist and I forgot all about To Kill a Mockingbird. The Oswald family (Bob and his five S-named daughters (Saraya, Saskia, Susan, Sunrise and Sunset)) is so over the top crazy. Actually, most of the characters in Broken are over the top. And a lot of them are crazy.

So it goes like this. Skunk sees Bob Oswald beat the crap out of Rick. Bob's daughters terrorize the neighborhood and the local school. But Bob is a white-trash, tattooed, druggie, partying, biker, welfare recipient who is ridiculously pleased that his daughters take after him (while still being angels at the same time...because in Bob's eyes, they can do no wrong). Between no-good, violent Bob and his five slutty, sinister, sneaky S-named daughters, the neighborhood is pretty much doomed.

All this is being told by a comatose Skunk, although we really don't know why she's in a coma until she catches up to that part of the story. Which I won't tell you about because then you'd know what happens.

The cover totally contrasts with the story inside, and remains my favorite part of the book. I found Bob to be way too cliched...he's like every bad stereotype all rolled into one character. Same for his daughters. The story was an interesting ride, but I don't know that I'd go around recommending it to just everyone.

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bermudaonion said...

I think I'll skip the book, but, like you, I do love the cover.

Beth F said...

I love the cover too. But twists or no, I think I'll pass on this. Appreciate (as always) the honest reveiw.

Ramya said...

Thanks for the honest review. I am not sure I want to read this one now.. But the cover is definitely interesting.. If not for your review, i would have gravitated towards this book for sure!

Ti said...

Guess that old saying is true.. "You can't judge a book but its cover" blah blah.

Joanne said...

I liked this one, I think because the characters were so insanely weird :)

Dar said...

You know I thought the cover did relate to the book in that the story was told through Skunnk and it just seemed appropriate that you see these two little girl shoes. Anyhoooooooooo, glad you didn't hate it. This book remains one of my faves this year-just struck me the right way I guess.

dawn said...

Thanks for the honest review. The cover has intrigued me when I've seen *Broken* on other blogs. I'll have to take a closer look inside before I decide whether or not to read it ...

Veens said...

What??? it is Dar's fav and your's not!
I have to read this to know ;) ;)

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