- Fizzy Thoughts: vote for Mike. Mike Wazowski.

vote for Mike. Mike Wazowski.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We have a winner.

Lisa correctly identified the inspiration for Mike. It's Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.

He's green, he has one eye (the new computer has a built-in web cam), and he's cute! Now, do you think he might get more than one vote?? And just to clarify, a vote for Mike is actually a vote for Mike Wazowski, as my friend Rochelle feels he should be called by his full name.

Lisa, I'm way impressed! Let me know if there's a book you'd like. You can also wait a few days and hope I read a lot over New Year's...there should be more books in the closet by the weekend!

9 comment(s):

cali said...

I vote for Mike.

softdrink said...

And Mike thanks you.

Ti said...

Looks like he already has a name since you are answering for him and all. LOL. I agree though, you have to call him by his full name when you refer to him.

softdrink said...

That was Mike Wazowski the Monster talking, not Mike Wazowski the Computer. ;-)

Brad'll Do It said...

Then there's "Shrek," but it's too late for another name in the pot. I like "Dill" 'cause it's so nicely off-the-wall, which seems consistent....

Wrighty - said...

I already voted for Oliver but now that I know where Mike came from I really like that too! Very cool. And it does look like him. That's a tough one.

Lisa said...

Hey, lookit me!

I think I'll wait a few days and see what you read over the holiday.

girasoli said...

I like them all - well Mike, Oliver, and Dill, although Dill does go with your theme... :)

Dreamybee said...

LOL-Mike Wazowski! That's awesome! I'm now considering painting my computer green so that I can call it Mike Wazowski. Because I would crack myself up every time!

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