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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Octavia Butler
October 2005
320 pages

This was a different sort of vampire book. Almost more clinical. Definitely less romantic.

Shori wakes up alone and injured in a cave, without any memory of who she is or what happened. After she heals and ventures out into the world she quickly discovers she is a vampire (because she vants to suck your blood). However, she’s not an ordinary vampire. She has been genetically altered to withstand sunlight. Unfortunately, not all vamps appreciate this trait, as they feel the Ina (vampire) have been sullied. As Shori fights for acceptance, not to mention her life, she starts to acquire the harem food human symbionts she needs, as their blood and affection keep her alive.

At times this book almost reads more like a history of the Ina than a novel. Butler put considerable thought into crafting her vampire society. Almost as if she planned more books. Unfortunately, she died in 2006.

Fledgling is interesting for a number of reasons. Due to the genetic alterations, Shori is black, unlike the rest of the pale-skinned Ina. Racism is touched on. The creepy relationship between the Ina and the symbionts brings up issues of master/servant and free will, since once bitten a symbiont is practically addicted to their Ina.

Fledgling is about as far away from Twilight as you can get while still being in the same genre (because I consider vampire books to be a genre). Despite the almost clinical feel to it, it’s a fascinating book. I’d recommend it if you’re up for something a little different.

Would you like to read my gently used copy of this book? Because I'll send it to you if you're the first commenter who says they want it. You know, because it's the holidays and all. Although I'm not really sure what vampires have to do with the holidays.

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lilly said...

Ha! I'm glad I have you in my "Blogs I follow" section. This way I get to see when you post something new. The story does seem very intriguing and I have not read any vampire books of late even though I sometimes wish I could be one to suck the blood of certain people (hmmmm). Anyway, I would love to get your copy.

Joanne said...

I have a copy of this on my TBR pile, but I had been holding off due to being overloaded with vamp books lately ... But I like your review and how it makes this sound more thought-inducing than the average suck-fest.

Ramya said...

I don't usually read vampire books.. never read one until now.. This book looks interesting (not sure if i will put it on my wishlist though)..and the cover's great..

Beth F said...

I love vampire books. Nice to see a non-romance one.

Ti said...

Sounds interesting. Hey, you've been reading a lot. I can't seem to find the time. Green with envy right now.

Ti said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I jumped ship and bought Twilight with that lovely gift card I won from you. Yes, I hung onto it this long and just now used it!

softdrink said...

Congratulations Lilly!

Joanne - average suck-fest..hee-hee. It's definitely not that. Although there is sucking.

Ramya - you don't read vampire books?!? *gasp* ;-)

Beth - there's a little romance, but it's not traditional, and it's so not Twilight.

Ti - Not really...I read this two weeks ago...I'm a little behind on my reviews. And you know, as cheesy as it can be, Twilight is still lots of fun!

Dar said...

Shucks, I would have liked this one. I love any stories to do with vampires. This sounds like one to check out. Thanks for a great review Jill.

cali said...

Speaking up sheepishly: I just don't get the whole vampire thing. Backing out slowly...

bkclubcare said...

congrats Lilly! Happy Vampire-y Christmas!

Jo-Jo said...

I haven't really read many vampire books but this one sounds like it has a different twist to it.
Congrats to Lilly!

softdrink said...

Aww Cali - come back, we'll still let you hang out and talk smack about the vampires!

dawn said...

all the garlic we put in the Christmas lasagna keeps the vampires away from our house!

cali said...

Vampire Smack Talk - maybe I'll give my blog a new name...lol!

Veens said...

I just don't know, how to appreciate this whole genre of "Vampires".. Yah! I know.. that I have not read any books on it.. but I Can't help it.. I dislike them :(

and yet i did get myself Twilight [ owing to all the fuss abt it's movie] and now it is just sitting there :(

I will read it though :)

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