- Fizzy Thoughts: a letter to Santa (and you)

a letter to Santa (and you)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Santa,

Earlier today, on my Booking Through Thursday (a very cool weekly meme by the way – you should check it out) post, I mentioned that I just don’t get very many books as gifts and that maybe I needed to start writing you letters again.

So here I am. Writing you a letter. Long time no talk to. I’m sorry…I’m not a very good letter writer. Maybe if you started a blog?

Anyhoosie…I’ve been pretty good this year. Yes, I spent maybe too much money on books. And shoes. But it’s not like I’ve got a heroin addiction (like that guy in Apart from the Crowd). And yes, I know I can get a little sarcastic, but I didn’t beat anyone up (unlike Bob Oswald). And I use some bad words, but I’m nowhere near as bad as Chuck Klosterman.

So Santa, all I really want for Christmas is books. Or gift cards to buy books. And Santa, I’ll even help you out, ‘cause I imagine it gets a little hectic delivering all those presents. I’ll buy one person a book, as long as they write you a nice, chatty letter telling you what they want. And then they post the letter on their blog for us all to read. And then they come back here and leave me a link so I know for sure that I’ve read all of the letters. And they keep it under 30 bucks, because sorry Santa, but I just don’t have access to any clever elves or offshore bank accounts (not that I’m implying that you do, Santa). I’ll chose one lucky person on Christmas Eve and buy them a book (delivery not guaranteed before Christmas though, because I don’t have access to the reindeer, either).

Love to Rudolph and Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen and Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen. And Mrs. C. And the elves.


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Ti said...

Very cute idea. I guess I have to write a letter now.

Ramya said...

lol!!! your innovativeness totally amazes me! i HAVE to write that letter now..:)

Ti said...

Here's my letter! Pick me!


beastmomma said...

Mine is up, but I think that it is too serious:

beastmomma said...

Also, I realized that I did not mention wanting a book in my letter. Oh well! I still enjoyed participating.

Jo-Jo said...

What a fun idea! I posted my letter here. Santa Clause IS coming to town! lol

chartroose said...

Very cute! Maybe if I write a letter to Santa saying that I want Orlando Bloom for Christmas, he'll send him my way. After I finish reading Orlando(and it may take me awhile because I like to read slowly and thoroughly), I think I'll air mail him to you.

Whaddya think?

dawn said...

Hey, Softdrink! You inspired me to really think about ONE book to ask Santa for. My post is here, along with an oh-so-cute photo from 40+ years ago that I dug out of a box just for you!

Eva said...

So cute!! I have to do this. :D When my sister and I were little, we not only left cookies and milk for Santa...we also left carrots and a bowl of water for the reindeer.

Dar said...

How do you come up with these ideas? Anyhow, your letter is so cute. I should try to do this-I'm so far behind on blogging stuff already. lol.

Veens said...

How do u come up with these lovely ideas :)
I have never in my lifetime written a letter to Santa :) And yeah, I want to start writing now!

I am so sorry to hear.. u don't get books as gifts :(
Neiter do I :)
But I did won couple of them.. so thanks to u :)

So I will write my letter ok?! And get back to u :)

Veens said...

there u go! My letter to Santa :)


bookworm said...

This is the coolest giveaway idea I've seen! http://bookwormsarah.blogspot.com/2008/12/oh-santa.html

trish said...

You have the best ideas. But alas, I missed the boat. That's what I get for not keeping up with my favorite bloggers. :-(

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