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The Likeness

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Likeness
Tana French
July 2008
480 pages

So Trish convinced me to read this book. After the frustration that was In the Woods I had vowed to ignore The Likeness. But Trish raved about it. And then she lent me her copy. So really, how could I say no?

The Likeness is the follow-up to In the Woods, but it could very easily be a stand-alone book. Sure, there are references to what happened in the first book, and you'll definitely have a better understanding of Cassie if you've read In the Woods, but it's not absolutely necessary. And better yet, it's not a requirement to have actually liked In the Woods.

While In the Woods focused on the character of Rob, The Likeness is Cassie's book. Cassie is a police detective in Dublin, Ireland. One day she gets a call from her boyfriend telling her to get herself to a crime scene...tout de suite. So Cassie shows up and whoa...she discovers the dead girl looks exactly like her. And then, more whoa...she discovers that the dead girl is carrying ID saying she is Lexie Madison, the very same name Cassie used as an undercover officer. So Cassie's former undercover boss, Frank, cooks up a scheme to have Cassie reprise her role as Lexie. Lexie will recover from her wounds, and Cassie (as Lexie) will resume her former life in an attempt to sniff out the murderer.

Thing is, Lexie lives with four other post-graduate students in a big ole house in the country. So Cassie really has her work cut out for her. However, before you know it, she's been accepted as Lexie and is enjoying her life with Rafe, Justin, Abby and Daniel. In fact, she may be enjoying it a little too much.

So yes, I liked this book much much much more than In the Woods (although I felt it was a wee bit too long, and there were things about her undercover role that never rang true...like they all shared one bathroom and Cassie/Lexie mentions her towel...but how did she know what towel was hers?). But French does a wonderful job of creating the close-knit world of Rafe, Daniel, Abby, Justin and Lexie. So much that you don't blame Cassie for not wanting to find the killer...in fact, you kinda want to move in yourself and join the party.

5 comment(s):

dawn said...

That towel detail would bother me! Yup, if you haven't seen it yet, I'll admit that when there is a "disconnect" like that in a book it colors my whole experience of the book (I try to be more flexible, but it's a tough habit to break!)

Veens said...

Awesome - I really think this sounds cool -- really cool -- ahh ! i would not even notice the towel thing :D yah i m like that :D

Ti said...

I was hoping to find out more about Rob with this one. Doesn't look like that happened.

Joanne said...

I abandoned In The Woods halfway through, but this one sounds quite a bit more interesting. I'll have to check if the library has it.

Jill said...

Trish has also convinced me that I need to read this. I loved In The Woods though, so perhaps I'm easier to persuade...

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