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Matrimony Giveaway

Monday, December 08, 2008

Did I tell you I met Joshua Henkin at the Book Group Expo in San Jose? I know, I know. I said I wasn’t going to talk about the Book Group Expo anymore. I lied. But I have a very good reason for bringing it up again.

Because I talked to Josh at the Expo, he is now sponsoring a giveaway...right here, right now, on my blog. And although I haven’t read the book yet (but it is sitting right next to me in the tbr pile!), Josh said it was okay. And you know, we had dinner together, so we’re best buds. Right Josh?

Okay, on to the seriousness.

Joshua Henkin has very graciously offered to send a signed (yes, I said signed) copy of his New York Times Notable Book, Matrimony, to the winner of this here giveaway.

First, let's talk a bit about Matrimony (the book, not marriage):

It's the fall of 1986, and Julian Wainwright, an aspiring writer, arrives at Graymont College in New England. Here he meets Carter Heinz, with whom he develops a strong but ambivalent friendship, and beautiful Mia Mendelsohn, with whom he falls in love. Spurred on by a family tragedy, Julian and Mia's love affair will carry them to graduation and beyond, taking them through several college towns, over the next fifteen years. Starting at the height of the Reagan era and ending in the new millennium, Matrimony is a stunning novel of love and friendship, money and ambition, desire and tensions of faith. It is a richly detailed portrait of what it means to share a life with someone-to do it when you're young, and to try to do it afresh on the brink of middle age.

You can read more about Matrimony on Josh's website, which also has a video of him discussing the book, a reading group guide, and a place to request Josh's participation in your reading group. Pretty cool, huh?

Matrimony has also received considerable notice around the blogosphere. Here are some of the bloggers who have reviewed the book:

And Josh has also done guest posts at the following blogs:


Now, for the giveaway:

Leave a comment by midnight (Pacific time) Sunday, 12/14/08.
Wait until next Monday, when Mr. Random and I will choose and announce the winner.

That's it. Easy-peasy.

But wait, you said you’ve read it? Never fear…think of what a great holiday gift a signed edition would make. Or maybe your copy isn’t signed. Then it could be a gift for your very own self! Because we all enjoy gifts, right?

22 comment(s):

Dar said...

lol-I'm posting a giveaway of this today too. Anyhoooooooo, hope you don't mind but I'm gonna steal some of those blog posts you found just cause I'm lazy. lol.

Ramya said...

do i get extra entries for being the first to enter the giveaway?? I tried entering a zillion giveaways for this book but it is so elusive!:) do enter me!:)

Chris said...

Oooh, I've been wanting to get this one ever since I saw all of the reviews! I'd love to win! I'm with Ramya...I've tried a gazillion times :/

Ali said...

I've been reading about this one and it looks great. I'd love to win a signed copy!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Please enter me! EVERYONE talks about this, and I really want to read it now. He's very good at promotion. LOL

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Jo-Jo said...

Oh I would love to win this book...I have heard such good things about it. And I love this book cover!

Veens said...

You forgot my review :'(
my giveaway ends today :)
So no probs :)

AmandaSue said...

Please enter me! This book sounds really good! Thanks.

Bookfool said...

Don't enter me! I just wanted to thank you for linking to my review. I loved Matrimony and somebody's going to adore you for giving away a copy. ;)

Violet said...

Please enter me!!!
I would love to win a copy!!!

Michelle said...

This sounds terrific so please enter me!! I would love to win a copy!! Thanks:)

cali said...

Would love to win this book. Thanks!

nite-swimming at hotmail dot com

Sunny @ the Library said...

I would like an entry. Thanks!

kalea_kane said...

I would appreciate an entry too! Thanks for posting all the review links as well. :)


Ellie said...

This book sounds great; I'd LOVE an entry! Thanks!


Tasses said...

Pick me, pretty please :-)

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

I was supposed to get a copy of this to review through Mother Talk *way* long ago, but I suppose some Italian is reading it instead...anyhoo, would still love to win a copy! And I can give a US address if that's preferred :)

The Giveaway Diva said...

wow i'd love to win this! this book sounds amazing!!

Melly said...

wow i'd love to win a copy of this amazing sounding book!!

swt_babe321 @hotmail.com

Michelle said...

thanks for the chance to win this awesome book!!

papalum @hotmail.com

Wrighty - said...

I'm so anxious to read this book! Please include me and thanks so much for your contest. (LOVE Chris the tree!)


Joshua Henkin said...

Congratulations, Chris, and thanks to all of you for entering! I hope those of you who didn't win will consider buying a copy of MATRIMONY and also giving it as a holiday gift. I also wanted to let you know that I've been participating in a lot of book group discussions of MATRIMONY, and I'd be delighted to participate with your book group. If you are interestedm, you can reach me at Jhenkin [at] SLC [dot] edu. Happy holidays to you all!



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