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a message from Chris

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hi folks.

Chris here. Chris Tree. You may remember me from a couple of years ago, when I was just a sapling. I've grown a lot since then, huh? I just arrived at Hamburger and Softdrink's house from my timeshare in Softdrink's mom's backyard. That's where I like to spend the rest of the year. 'Cause she has other plants in her backyard, and she waters us, and takes care of us. It's good times there.

But I like to spend the holidays with 'Burger and 'Drink. Especially since I'm not so much into the bling, and they go for a minimalist holiday theme. Plus, my needles were getting a little cold, and as nice as Softdrink's mom is, she wasn't about to knit 500 mittens for all of my needles. So I like to spend December indoors, right in front of the tv. Hamburger and I can't wait for the Charlie Brown Christmas special to come on.

Anyhoosie, I just wanted to say hi and pass on some holiday cheer. I wish you all lots of...

...this holiday season.


-Chris (aka the tree)

15 comment(s):

jdeq said...

That is a fine looking Christmas tree!

Melissa said...

That is one super cute tree. :)

Chris said...

Good name for your Christmas tree ;) I like him!

softdrink said...

Awww...Jerry and Melissa - you made Chris blush. He says thanks.

And Chris, Chris says yes, it's an excellent name. :-D

Ti said...

Chris is adorable!

Veens said...

Chris is sooper cute :)

and only u can write something like this :)

This was soooooper cute :)

girasoli said...

My how you have grown :)

Love this post!!

Bogsider said...

Chris looks like a healthy little tree ;o)

Dar said...

lol-Chris Tree. Yes, you have certainly grown and you look fabulous! Great post!

bkclubcare said...

You've inspired me! ==> I'm going to take a picture of the "JOY" on my tree and post it!

Ladytink_534 said...

Lol. Cute!

Dawn said...

Right back atcha with those holiday wishes, Chris (Mr. Tree?), and Softdrink and Hamburger, of course!

I think your great-uncle is in my living room right now ... He looks great now, but I think he's starting to lose his hair :)

Joanne said...

LOL - I can just imagine a very british sounding voice stating "the name is Tree... Chris Tree" :)

Very cute, how big should he (or is it a she) get?

Bookfool said...

LOL Too cute! I like your minimalist tree and the way you recycle him, so to speak.

Ramya said...

cute post..and a cute tree..:) How did you decide to name him Chris? and how did you decide it was a "him"??:)

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