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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mike Wazowski is in the mail!

You may have noticed that the polls seem to have disappeared. That was an unfortunate side effect of the blog redesign. At the time, Oliver was in the lead, but Mike Wazowski had just overtaken Dill for second place. And since Rochelle and I were planning a last minute campaign for Mike Wazowski, I have no doubt that he would have won.

In other words, I like Mike, and I was determined to cheat do whatever it takes to see that he won.

I think he likes the name, too. Because I ordered Hamburger's new desktop the day before I ordered Mike Wazowsi, and the desktop was expected to ship on 1/8 and the laptop on 1/13. Obviously, Mike Wazowsi can't wait to meet me.

And no, I'm not naming the desktop.

9 comment(s):

Eva said...

Love your redesign!!!

And that's so exciting that Mike Wazowski is already in the mail. Very cute name. :)

cali said...

I like your blog's new look. Good job!

girasoli said...

Thanks so much for the morning laugh! Congrats on Mike being mailed...I hope he brings you many years of bliss!!

Wrighty - said...

Yay! I like Mike too (and Oliver) and he looks so cool in the photo. He'll look even better at home! My hubby surprised me with a laptop too. We weren't suppose to be exchanging gifts but it was such a great surprise and I'm so glad he did. Have fun with the new man in your life!

Chris said...

Congrats on the new baby ;)

Annie said...

The blog looks great! I admire your decorating skills. And Happy New Year to you!

I have to thank you once again for the AAA Venice guide book you sent to me last year. That guidebook has the very best maps. I blew them up on the copy machine at work (because my eyes are getting old) but they are truly the best street-level maps for someone like me who is doing some serious exploring. So thank you!

Ti said...

The new look is nice and clean and easy to read. I like it!

I bet you won't wait long to get that puppy up and running once it arrives.

MackAttack said...

Yay Mike! And nice new blog :)

softdrink said...

Thanks everyone!

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