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Sunday, May 03, 2009

The final panel I attended at the Festival of Books wasn't a panel. It was a conversation. Or maybe an interview...I forget the official title. Anyways, it was Jane Smiley talking to S.E. Hinton. And I was going to do a full write up, but you should really just go read this Jacket Copy post, because it pretty much nails it.

A few additional observations:

Jane Smiley and S.E. Hinton were quite the odd couple. I had serious doubts for the first 10 minutes or so that anything interesting would be said.

S.E. Hinton's husband thinks she can write soft p*rn.

She does much more thinking about her books than writing them.

And, she always has to become her narrator. Which is exhausting for her.

This ended up being quite entertaining. S.E. Hinton has a fantastic sense of humor...it took a while to make an appearance, but once she got going, this was a fascinating interview. If you ever have a chance to see S.E. Hinton, I'd highly recommend it...she is nothing at all like I imagined. The Jacket Copy post has a picture, so you can see what I mean. Realistically, I knew she wasn't twenty, but I still expected to see an edgy young author.

So there you have it...this brings me to the end of the Festival of Books. It was a fun, exhausting, long weekend filled with books and new friends and interesting authors. I'd totally go again...but only with fellow bloggers. Seriously. That is what made the weekend so much fun. I can't imagine facing such a horde of people without having a fellow book lover or two or three or ten by my side.

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bermudaonion said...

I bet that was a lot of fun. I went through a phase as a teen-ager when I read every one of her books that I could get hold of.

Ali said...

Thanks for this (and all the summaries, which I just read right in a row) and for linking to the article (hey, that's Cecil Castellucci, of The Plain Janes!). I had no idea S.E. Hinton had written anything since the books we read as teens. I'm tempted to read them, though I'm also a little afraid of taking her off her pedestal and reading something new by her now.

Beth F said...

I've been enjoying these posts (even if I didn't comment on each one) Thanks!! Can't wait for BEA now.

Ladytink_534 said...

Glad you enjoyed it so much! I truly hope I get to go one year :)

Florinda said...

If I'd gone back to FoB on Sunday, I would have wanted to see this - thanks for reporting back! I've really enjoyed your recaps, and am looking forward to seeing you again at FoB next year :-).

Ti said...

I was a bit surprised when I clicked over and saw her photo. I didn't really expect young, as the book has been around for quite some time but she's not what I expected either.

I bought a copy of The Outsiders for my 10-year-old son (the one that does not like to read) and he is really enjoying the book.

Joanne said...

Ackk! So so jealous!! Hinton is one of the authors that I would literally do anything to meet. The Outsiders was probably my favorite book as a kid.

And Jane Smiley is one of those authors that make me feel like a bad reader - I've had so many people tell me I need to read something by her.

Ti said...

I linked to this post.. hope you don't mind :)


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