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do you know where your automobile is?

Friday, June 12, 2009

When Hamburger left for Mexico and I left for Oregon, Gunther, our beloved surf van, was last seen parked at Hamburger's mom house. Here's a picture of Gunther taken last year:

Imagine my surprise when I drove through Hood River and saw this:

Hamburger and I are now convinced that Gunther sneaks off on his own vacations whenever we go out of town without him.

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Chris said...


Joanne said...

LMAO!! That's awesome!

Beth F said...

LOL!! Hope he has fun.

Veens said...

Funny!!! :) :)


Kristi said...

I love Volkswagens, but they can be sneaky little buggers ;o). Had to LOL at that one...

Lisa said...

I learned to drive on two VW vans- one older than Gunther (orange and white, tire on the front, bed in the back), one newer (blue, somewhat respectable). Both had the ability to scare the pants of passengers who had never had the pleasure of coming to a stop in front of a wall in a VW van. The fun of letting them think we were gonna crash into said wall NEVER GOT OLD.

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