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The Widow’s Season

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Widow’s Season
Laura Brodie
June 2009
320 pages

From the back cover:

Sarah McConnell’s husband had been dead for three months when she saw him in the grocery store.

What does a woman do when she’s thirty-nine, childless, and completely alone for the first time in her life? Does it mean she’s crazy to think she sees her late husband beside a display of pumpkins? Or is it just what people do, a natural response to grief that will fade in time? That’s what Sarah McConnell’s friends told her, that it was natural, would last a season, and then fade away.

But what if there was another answer? What if he was really there? They never found the body, after all. What if he is still here somehow, and about to walk back into her life?

Sometimes I just don’t understand myself.  I mean, I read the back cover.  What did I expect?? 

But by the time I got to the end of the book I was feeling a little pissy about the whole thing.  Joanne not-so-recently asked “this one sounds like something I would absolutely love, but I gotta know, does it stay in the whole emotional struggle of the main character territory or does it morph into romancey crap? And was the ending satisfying or saccharine?”

No, it didn’t morph into romancey crap, but there was a fair bit of “is he real or is he a ghost” crap, and “if he is a ghost, why is he there” crap.  Although it took a fair amount of time to reach that point.  The first half is mostly “is she going to pull herself together and move on with her life, or not.”  Then it’s “okay, she’s moving on, although not necessarily in the direction I would’ve gone.”  Followed by a few “whoas.”  And while the end isn’t saccharine, there was a definite “fuck me, why did I just read this” moment.

Which isn’t to say this isn’t a good book.  It is.  After all, I read the whole thing.  In a day.  I thought it was engaging and well-written, and Sarah’s confusion about her life was both understandable and believable.  I just don’t like “maybe it’s a ghost” stories.  At all.  Not because they’re scary, but because I don’t like the mind games.  And because I’m not going to believe in a ghost until one walks up to me and says, “Howdy, I’m Caspar.”

15 comment(s):

bkclubcare said...

LOL! Oh, your reviews are hilarious!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I want a secret section for people to go to after they read this review and you can say: And here's what REALLY HAPPENED!

Heather J. said...

Well then! I'm certainly glad I turned down a review copy of this book. :) It didn't sound like my kind of thing ... and it still doesn't.

Nymeth said...

lmao. See, reviews like this are why I love your blog to bits :D

bermudaonion said...

Yeah, I'm not into the whole ghost thing either. Not sure this is the one for me.

Anna said...

What an awesome review! The story still sounds interesting, but I'm not big on those mind games either.

Diary of an Eccentric

infiniteshelf said...

Lol, that review was fun!
I received this one for review yesterday, now I have a better idea of what's waiting for me! I'm curious to see how much I'll love it or not! :)

Ti said...

I read a review of this one on another blog and it sounded charming. Now I read this and all I can say is that I certainly don't want a "fuck me" moment where I am left scratching my head over it. That would be a poor use of my time. Thanks so much for saving me from that.

Dar said...

OK, that was funny but I still want to read this one - it seems to be everywhere right now and it sounds good to me.

ANovelMenagerie said...

Dead husband at the pumpkins... hmm... LOVED your review. Very witty.

heidenkind said...


Actually, this does sound like a book I might like. Except I don't like "he might be a ghost" plot lines, either, so maybe not.

Veens said...

hahaha! Howdy I am casper! :D :P

God! you crack me up!

Jaime said...

Oooh, This one is on its way to me. I guess I know what to expect!

Lisa said...

LOL! I've been wondering about this book...Well, wonder no more!! I loved your honesty! I'm still chuckling over the Casper comment... lol...lol

Joanne said...

Okay I'm gonna pass cause it sounds like I'd be screaming at the character the whole time to hurry up and get on with it.

Besides I'm pretty sure your review was much more entertaining than the book itself :)

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