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Monday, August 17, 2009

First, I have winners to announce.  The winner of The Housekeeper and the Professor is:


And the winner of The World in Half is:


Yay!!  If you two would be so kind as to email me with your address, I’ll mail you your book.

Also, Care pointed out that in my post I transposed The Housekeeper and the Professor.  Ack…blonde moment!  I’ll fix it one of these days.  Maybe.

Also, also…you guys are funny.  Thanks for the giggles with the Twinkie rhymes.  Especially since I just about forgot I had put that in the post and I was initially confused as to why Jill was talking about a binkie.

Also, also, also…lookie, lookie:

New bookcases!  I am so excited.  Especially since I put them together all by myself.  I just want to sit in front of them all day long and stare.  And did you notice?  There’s still an empty shelf!  And that other bottom shelf is books I need to get rid of, so really, I have TWO empty shelves.  Plus, the old bookcase now has room:

Three shelves!!  Maybe I should go to the bookstore?

And, since I’m trying to cram as much stuff as I can into one post and this is going to also count as my TBR post for Lisa, here is the other shelf of books in the house:

This is actually a hutch that belonged to Hamburger’s grandparents that I think is ugly (note the plant futilely trying to hide the curly-cued wood).  So while the bottom cabinet provides storage, I use the top shelf to display things that make me happy.

Not all of these shelves are TBR shelves, although most of them are.  In the new bookcases, the top two shelves of each are books to be read.  The third almost-full shelf is travel books.  In the old bookcase, the bottom two shelves are reference books, so those don’t count either.

I still have two little piles of books that I need to recover from elsewhere in the house and shelve with their friends.  But I no longer have them stashed away in closets in drawers.  My books are so happy to be standing upright and together!

16 comment(s):

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Well I often talk about my binkie. Or I would if I had one.

Love your bookcases! They look beautiful!

And congratulations to the winners!

kay - Infinite Shelf said...

I love your new bookcases, especially the first, dark one.

Those empty shelves are crying for books! Quick! ;)

Amy said...

Oh my gosh! So much joy!!!!!

And so much jealousy over those lovely bookcases!

Ti said...

Ohhhhh new bookcases... drool drool. I love it when the shelves are all organized. I am going to take a pic for Lisa's contest too but I told her I would have to tidy mine up a bit, but maybe I won't. Maybe I will surprise you all with my untidy ways.

bermudaonion said...

Congratulations Amy and Diane! I'm totally jealous of your new bookcase!

Chele by the Sea said...

Good job on the shelves!!! So would you be mad if I read 10 books really fast and gave back to you to fill a shelf??? Just kidding! I'll monitor my reading pace so your shelves have a good book rotation. :) (Like I have any speed to my reading, Right!)

booklineandsinker said...

i am frothing for some new bookshelves--good for you, your books look so orderly!

bethany at dreadlock girl is hosting a contest giving away a brand new bookshelf...but don't go over and enter yourself because i want to win! hahahh. :)

Melody said...

Love your bookcases! I really need some myself but first I need to find some space!! :P

claire said...

Your new shelves are beautiful! And your books look so organized. I've been trying to wheedle a new one from my husband, too, hee hee.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

Congrats to the winners! I'll pick up PROFESSOR ... on my next bookstore run :)

Your organized bookcases look fantastic ... my books are jealous at their relatively shabby treatment (my coffee mug rests on a short stack as I type this!)

As for that empty space, not to worry. I've found that books, like rabbits, multiply quickly. Check bag in a few weeks and I imagine you'll find less free space.

Beth F said...

You are definitely kinder than I am. I walk by masses of homeless books every day, and I don't even throw a bookmark at them; I step around them or over them, averting my eyes so they don't see my shame and discomfort. Now I must hide the photos on this blog; I don't want them to know that a nice safe home could be theirs if only fate had smiled on them.

Lisa said...

Yay! Finally someone with a big TBR! I took a look at some shelves just yesterday but decided that yes, sometimes cheap really is TOO cheap.

Trish said...

Your bookshelves are so lovely! I just posted my TBR shelves as well--I ran out of room and had to resort to paperboxes as shelves.

Veens said...

I am envious - that first one is definitely the most b'ful. I dnt have one yet! I need to get one!

Jenners said...

Nothing like a new bookshelf!!!

Diane said...

what great bookcases. I need more too LOL

Thanks so much for the giveaway; i'll send my info===much thanks

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