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Game On! Diet

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Game On! Diet
Krista Vernoff and Az Ferguson
June 2009
320 pages

If you’ve been reading my Game On! posts, you probably have a good idea what the book is about.  And really, the only major beef I have with the book is that the D word is on the cover.  Because I don’t look at this as a diet.  It’s a way to live your life healthier…how you eat is just one component.

My favorite part of the book is the humor.  Let me list the chapters, and you’ll get an idea of both the content and the humor:

1: How to Play the Game (Or, I’m really too lazy to read this whole book, plus I’m so out of shape turning pages kinda hurts.)
2: Why Should I Play the Game (Or, I like myself just the way I am.  Except for the love handles.  And the self-loathing.)
3: Teaming Up (Or, why should I give a crap what anyone else does?)
4: Playing By Yourself (Which varies slightly from playing with yourself.)
5: Picking a Prize (Or, okay, I’m skinny, whatever, but what do I WIN???)
6: The Honor System (Or, no French Fries REALLY don’t count as a vegetable.)
7: The Weigh-In (Or, you’re kidding, right? You want me to buy a scale? SERIOUSLY???)
8: Food (Or, why French Fries don’t count as a vegetable)
9: Exercise (Or, I never knew I had a muscle there.)
10: Water (Or, are you trying to drown me?)
11: Sleep (Or, Shhhhzzzz…)
12: Transformation (Or, habits? That’s, like, nun’s clothes, right?)
13: Healthy Habits Instructions (Or, how the hell am I supposed to do THAT???)
14: Alcohol, Coffee, and Diet Soda (Or, what do you mean I can’t drink all my calories?)
15: The Day Off, The Meal Off, and the 100 Calories of Whatever You Want (Or, holy nectar of the gods, this French toast is good!)
16: Troubleshooting (Or, WTF am I doing wrong?!) 
17: Post Game Wrap-Up (Or, I am liking this new ass of mine)
18: Pep Talk (or, GAME ON!)

Do you get the gist?  You eat healthy, exercise, drink a boat load of water, get lots of sleep, avoid alcohol, coffee and diet soda like the plague, and you do it with a group of people so you’re motivated to stay on track and kick butt. (Did I mention my team won?  Oh, I did in yesterday’s post?  Sorry.)  Really, I doubt I would have stuck with it so strictly had I not been accountable to my teammates (go Team Ding Dong!).  And after 4 weeks, most everything became a habit.  Since I really needed to start eating healthier, this challenge provided me the perfect opportunity to pick up some tips and good habits.

The authors have challenged each other (a few times), and Krista does a great job of anticipating questions, problems and complaints (the water chapter is a great example of this).  Also, her candor about her own weight and eating habits was appreciated.  While it feels weird to recommend a “diet” book, if you’re looking for a way to instill some healthy habits in your life, I’d definitely suggest you give this a try.  

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rhapsodyinbooks said...

It's a great idea to list the chapters like that. It does give a perfect idea of the content and tone of the book. I am, of course, very busily involved in running the control experiment to let people know what happens when you go totally off the diet. It's all in the name of science, of course. I think I can already see that Game On! Diet is the way to go! I told my husband we are stopping at Trader Joe's (Game On! Diet Unofficial Headquarters) on OUR WAY HOME FROM THE AIRPORT next weekend!!!

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

I'm in that non-GameOn control group with rhapsody (or is that "out of control group" ?!?) It has been hard to avoid ice cream almost every day of vacation ... but - no soda! I'll take my victories where I can :)

I'm with you - this is a sound approach to a healthier lifestyle, and my only gripe is that D word in the title!

Ti said...

I never called it a Diet. I called it a plan because Diet to me is only a temporary thing and we all know how that works.

Veens said...

I can never stick to anything really. the temptation gets to me !


I am glad this one is so good a motivator!

Gritsy said...

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